Alumni History


The mission of the ‘Secondary Evangelical School Alumni Association’ of Zahle is to foster the mutual bond of the S.E.S spirit and strengthen the relationship among its graduates. A volunteer work comes from the sense of pride and belonging to the school led the Alumni members to go for the commitment to the outstanding qualities of projects and activities that provide and promote a positive image of the mother school through continuity in communication, service, and leadership.


Generously, alumni members dedicated their time and efforts to work on a successful mission based on the idea of ‘United We Stand.’ Not far from the school bond that students were grown upon, the mission became the aim, and then the aim became the motto where the ‘United We Stand’ now stands as a signature and is applied in every step taken.


A distinguished NGO association with the corresponding thoughts of S.E.S graduates was founded in the year 1998 under the name of: the ‘Secondary Evangelical School Alumni Association’.

A constitutional assembly of nine graduates met with the school principal Mr. Kimham Etre, Attorney Najib Kehdy, and Attorney Elie Raya and set the by-laws of the association in order to administrate the internal and external tasks of the Alumni Association. On the basis of these laws, the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities recognized the association which was licensed under the number 24 on the 6th of March year 2000. Consecutively, five administrative committees were elected since year 2000 up to the present.

The primary task of the ‘S.E.S Alumni Association’ is to maintain the bond between the S.E.S graduates and the mother school in Zahle, and to reveal proudly its image to whoever it may get in touch with. Therefore, the Alumni Association with all the enthusiasm of its first administrative committee till the present committee, had taken the responsibility and the commitment to serve the Alumni members, their mother school, and the whole Bekaa community in several cultural, social, environmental, and humanitarian fields. Additionally, they had assisted the school in various activities along with offering scholarships to the highly gifted and endowed students who are still enrolled in the mother school, in addition to the financial aids granted to students that have certain social or financial conditions.

The seriousness of the association, and the support of the school’s principal Mr. Malak Abboud, encouraged the administrative committee to establish its own residence at the mother school in January, 2003. The Alumni residence consists of administrative offices, meeting rooms, as well as a fully equipped conference room which is ready to host different cultural activities.

The S.E.S Alumni Association is getting to be more and more popular. Hence, the fund raising is increasing for it depends on membership fees, donations, and the revenues of different social activities carried out as a mean of interaction within the local community. Fund raising of big projects relies more likely on the networking relationships with donors and sponsors within the civil society.

Since 1998 up to the present, many alumni members especially those who had occupied or are still occupying high political, judicial, social, and proficient positions, allied with the S.E.S Alumni Association and participated in its successful activities. Additionally, those members became the ‘S.E.S Board of Trustees’ who often support the association, and provide a prospect of added value; whereby they played an important role in assisting the association development and this was revealed in the quality and standard that the association has reached and will never stop here.