A Message from the President

United we stand, divided we fall… will always be our eternal motto.
Mr. Najib Kehdy, Alumni President
Mr. Najib Kehdy, Alumni President

I would first like to congratulate the School’s Principal Mrs. Christine Rayes, and the person in charge of the Website  Mr. Chadi Abou Haidar for their fruitful efforts in making this dream comes true.

I would also like to thank all the Alumni members and friends who attended and contributed to our events and projects, especially those who are abroad and supported the WAASES program.

Our celebrations and activities during the past years were to confirm that our beloved school and our Alumni Association are endowed with a universal support from all the old scholars who are carrying today the motto of the Alumni “United We Stand”.

Dear aluminous,

All our efforts have to be regrouped coherently and productively in order to serve our association, and beloved country Lebanon.

We shall always pray that our efforts will bear good fruit. We shall always be there to hold our motto, carry it, pass it on, and protect it. Our mother school had made each of us a better person in his/her society and community. It is our everlasting bond and association and we are its product. We owe her the best in us.  

Dear members,

United we stand, divided we fall… will always be our eternal motto.

Attorney  Najib J. Kehdy