College Counseling

College Counseling/ Admission

The Secondary Evangelical School College Counseling Services

The goal of the College Counseling is to support, inform and encourage students and their families as they navigate the exciting, complex and ever-changing process of college admissions. The counselors educate students and families about the nuances of admissions, advise students about appropriate and interesting college options that best suit their individual needs, and support and encourage students as they successfully complete the application process.

College Counselors provide valuable and timely advice to families as the process unfolds and to help students present their abilities, talents and experiences to the colleges in the most appropriate manner. Over the course of their SES careers, families and students receive information through Form specific newsletters, class-wide meetings and Parent meetings.

Students begin a series of college related standardized testing such as SAT as well as start a self-reflective process with their counselor in preparation for college research. Students visit colleges during the school year, attend on-campus college fairs with over 20 colleges represented, and meet individually with college counselors to discuss their goals and aspirations.

The college process at SES is designed to be an extension of the overall education process.


University Admissions

Over the past years, graduates of SES have been accepted at a large number of institutions; to list a few:

American University of Beirut (AUB - Lebanon)

Lebanese American University (LAU - Lebanon)

Balamand University (Lebanon)

Haigazian (Lebanon)

Notre Dame University (NDU – Lebanon)

American University of Lebanon (AUL - Lebanon)

American University of Science and Technology (AUST - Lebanon)

The Lebanese University (Lebanon)

Lebanese International University (Lebanon)

Arab University (Lebanon)

University of Texas (Dallas, USA)

University of Salisbury (USA)

University of Mount St. Vincent (NY-USA)

University of St. Thomas (MN-USA)

State University of Michigan (USA)

State University of Minnesota (USA)

Mankato State University (USA)

Chicago State University (USA)

New York State University (USA)

Harvard (USA)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT - USA)

Arizona State University (USA)

UCLA (California – USA)

Colorado State University (USA)

Yale (USA)

University of Miami (USA)

McGill University (Canada)

University of Manchester (UK)

University of Lund (Sweden)

Lermant Business School (France)

Universite Jean Monnet  (France)

Eastwood Marketing (Qatar)

University of Toledo (USA)