Lebanese Program

SES offers two programs: the Lebanese Program and the Foreign Program.

All preschoolers study together the same program no matter whether they will go for the Lebanese or the foreign program later on. The two programs in the elementary classes can be separate or together depending on the number of students in each class. In the intermediate and secondary classes the two programs are completely separate.


The Lebanese Program

The Lebanese Baccalaureate Program is available to all students in English track for core subjects including math and sciences. French is taught as a third language.


1- Pre-elementary school: 

KG1 (3 years old)

KG2 (4 years old)

KG3 (5 years old)

2- Elementary:Grades 1 to 6); passing average is 60%

3- Intermediate: Grades 7 to 9; passing average is 55%

Grade 9 students have to sit through official government exam (Brevet)

4- Secondary: Grades 10 to 12; passing average is 55%


  • In Grade 11, students chose a focus in humanities or sciences.
  • In grade 12, students can specialize more specifically (General Sciences, Life Sciences, and Economics & Sociology).
  • Students in grade 12 have to sit for the Lebanese government official exams (Lebanese Baccalaureate Part II).



Lebanese Program

Foreign Program

Elementary 1

Grade 1

Elementary 2

Grade 2

Elementary 3

Grade 3

Elementary 4

Grade 4

Elementary 5

Grade 5

Elementary 6

Grade 6

Intermediate 1

Grade 7

Intermediate 2

Grade 8

Intermediate 3

Grade 9

Secondary 1

Grade 10

Secondary 2

Grade 11

Secondary 3

Grade 12