Letter from the principal

Secondary Evangelical School is a dynamic, nurturing community which successfully educates students to be critical thinkers, moral decision-makers, Leaders and contributors to our community and the world.

Warm greetings from SES! I am honored to be the Principal of SES, and I am particularly thankful to be surrounded by a supportive Board of Education, a strong management team, a hard-working staff, and, of course, a great group of students that always seems to make our efforts supremely worthwhile. I look forward to the opportunities for much learning and growth that await us here at SES.

In addition to our dedication to the process of learning, we are keenly focused on the development of the whole of the child's personality. This development occurs both inside and outside of the classroom.

The future of our society is based on our ability to change and grow. The skills and knowledge required in the future must enable citizens to take change in stride. In order to thrive in this environment, every SES student will need to achieve these goals: be a creative problem-solver, a lifelong learner, an effective communicator. Each student must know how to use and understand technology, work efficiently in group situations and be a responsible, involved citizen. In order for SES students to be prepared, we teach these skills and knowledge at all levels of their schooling. We help students grow academically, morally, emotionally, and socially. We will enable each student to grow to become the life-long learner and active citizen needed in our society.

At Secondary Evangelical School, we look to inspire our students. With successful learning our students become confident in attitude allowing them to grow into responsible citizens in a global society and effective leaders of tomorrow. We aim to 'Let Their Light Shine'.

Another of the joys of my current role is the opportunity to interact frequently with the parents of SES students. Parents, we consider you important partners in the education of your children. Please know that we continue to welcome your presence, your involvement, your support and your feedback.

Welcome to the SES family.
With kind regards,
Christine Daoud Rayes