Young Leaders Development Program


Malih Al Yaman the founder & CEO of Young Leaders Development Program in Dubai who is also LSA scout leader held on Nov 25th 2016 a workshop aimed at developing the emotional, social and positive intelligence of the young leaders from various scout troops leaders in Zahle & Bekaa. 

The workshop was hosted by the Secondary Evangelical School Zahle Branch and it facilitated hand on learning that allowed the leaders to explore while building content knowledge. They had the chance to creatively express themselves in an engaging environment and to effortlessly learn new concepts and skills while having great time. Leaders actually practiced actual leadership skills and attitudes such as public speaking, making decisions, negotiation, collaboration and planning.The workshop offered a unique combination of relevant contents, practical implementation, and leadership empowerment. Leaders were required to work in groups to solve challenges, manage tasks and set priorities. The workshop focused on self-efficiency given the leaders significant responsibility for their own development, also allowing them to contribute toward the development of their scout troops and later towards their professional lives.